• Welcome to Robotic Systems Control Laboratory

    - Prof. Kong gave a workshop presentation about bio-inpired robotics at IROS, Japan (Nov, 2013).
    - Our Cheetaroid series were exhibited at Robot World 2013.
    - After one year since we have started working on the Cheetaroid project, the first Cheetaroid-I was exhibited at iMTSF (Jul, 2013).
    - High-speed locomotive robotics project initiated (sponsored by the National Research Foundation of Korea(NRF)), May, 2012.
    - A new research project, sponsored by the LG electronics, has been initiated in January, 2012.

    Current Research Projects
    - Path planning and trajectory generation for quadruped robots
    - Controller design for human-interactive robots
    - Design of bio-inspired actuation system
    - Design of quadruped robots
    - Sensor fusion and signal processing for human motion measurement system
    - Active ankle-foot prosthesis